Omnibus Wind Ensemble

"Circo della vita"

The Omnibus Wind Ensemble was a group belonging to the Music in Uppland county music foundation. The group came into being in 1981, and the forces developed automatically: first there was a double wind quintet, to this was added a double bass and a clarinet, and eventually there came into being the serenade group Omnibus Wind Ensemble – twelve colourful players in perfect harmony.

Right from the start they committed themselves wholeheartedly to originality.

In-house arrangements, commissioned works and collaboration with all sorts of rewarding people in a wide variety of musical idioms. They have worked in the traditional classical genre, but also with jazz musicians, stand-up comedians, opera singers and theatre people, constantly working hard to extend their skills and never compromising on quality.

In time, the Omnibus Wind Ensemble has become one of Sweden’s most popular chamber groups. Leaving aside the freshness and confidence of their musicality, their choice of repertoire is probably one key to their popularity – often unconventional, a mixture of old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, often in versions of their own and with scope for audience contact and humour. Many pieces are played from memory at their concerts, with generous scope for flirtation – and with never a beat or note out of place!

Clarinettist Lars-Erik Lidström, a skilful arranger within the group, is also an unmistakable asset.

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