Peder Riis
Classical Guitar
Peder Riis, leader of The Stockholm Guitar Quartet, is presented here in a solo recording, using a conventional classical guitar and Georg Bolin's alto and bass guitars. 

Works by: 
Bach; Suite No.2 in C-minor BWV 997, 
Villa Lobos; Prelude No.5, Etude No.8, Mazurka-Choro, 
Turina; Homage a Tarrega, 
Weiss; Tombeau, Chaconne, Fantasie. 

Peder Riis

"You are unlikely to ever hear the so-called Lute Suite No.2 (Bach) better played than it is here, an experience itself worth the price of the disc. Tonal beauty, technical perfection and stylistic felicity are allied to an unusually fine sense of purpose in phrasing" (Classical Guitar-1997)

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