Bert "East" Östlund


It was in 1960 on a Spanish guitar, borrowed from a neighbour, that the then 13-year old Bert “East” Östlund's interest in music was aroused. 
From this time on the guitar
has been an inseparable friend and played an increasingly important part in his life. 
Four years later, in 1964, he received a telephone call inviting him to play with a wellknown pop group on a six-month tour of Finland. 
This he accepted, though there was
a problem. He had neither an electric guitar nor amplifier.
The bands manager, who
had been given the task of solving the problem, awakened him in his hotel room, hung a Fender Stratocaster around his neck and put an amplifier at his bedside. 
The musical
journey had begun.
In the seventies he began writing and arranging music for many artists. He was much
in demand and his music was played and in the charts worldwide.

In the eighties he formed the group “7:e himlen” (7th Heaven), which toured and released several records. He also released two solo LP's under the name Ensamma Vargen (Lone Wolf) on which he had written both text and music.

1990 saw Bert widening the scope of his activities by the building of his own recording studio in which he could function as musician, producer and sound-engineer.

Bert, under the name of East, released in 2003 the CD “Let the Guitar Flow” (RRCD110 Riverside Records). An instrumental CD of his own guitar based compositions, which was well received particularly by the English guitar press.

Bert is currently very much in demand as a guitarist, pianist and as in this production composer and arranger.

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