Johan Dielemans Trio
Round' Midnight

Johan Dielemans Trio is a jazz trio which was formed quite recently - but by veteran musicians! Johan, the groups leader and drummer, has collaborated a great deal with Monica Zetterlund, but also Monica Borrfors, Knud Jörgensen and the Stockholm jazz Orchestra. Pianist Alvaro Is, who was born in Spain but settled in Sweden in 1966, collaborated, for example with Red Mitchell. On this recording we hear a number of standards - rather in the ballad line and lyrical interpretations - like: Love for Sale, Come Rain or Come Shine, Humph, Round' Midnight, Like Someone in Love, etc. Olle Steinholtz on bass. 

"A collection of succulent standards by the Swedish Dieleman's Trio, this disc is surprisingly good. Dielemans plays with time, rolling around the drum kit at a very relaxed tempo. He has the perfect piano partner in the Spanish born, Berklee trained, Swedish resident Alvaro Is! Dielemans has a nice ringing ride cymbal and a crisp, responsive snare. Try a little tenderness is soft, slow and sparse. Alvaro touches the ivories oh so tenderly. My favourite piece is the sentimental ballad, My One and Only Love. The tiny little cymbal rolls and long bass lines provide a backdrop for Is's curly piano runs, which roll like waves down the keyboard before breaking at the bottom end. Some of the best standard works I've ever heard." (C a d e n c e)

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