Gösta Rundqvist Trio

A record is born of dreams and hopes.As a musician one constantly wants to go further or deeper, unfold and evolve, renew the power of expression, the interplay, the dynamics, the flow - to grow like trees, that reach up towards heaven, with roots  that sink into the earth.
      The dream is to find musicians with whom you can experiment and find your way together with. Three individual voices becoming a trio - a single entity.
      The dream is that the recording situation itself contributes by being a realspiritual encounter. 
The dream of a concert hall with good natural acoustics and an excellent grand piano. The dream of recording without acoustic panels and separate rooms, multiple microphones, mixer-board and reverb units.The dream is of direct eye and ear-contact between the musicians, here and now, throughout the recording session. The hope is that you are present in Nacka concert-hall, together with us, being carried along in the flow of themusic.

 Gösta  Rundqvist, born 1945, and Hans Andersson, born 1963 are both experienced and well established musicians who have played together withmany Swedish and International artists such as:
Gösta: Bosse Broberg, Putte Wickman, Red Mitchell, Clark Terry and Toots Thilemans.
Hans: Anders Bergcrantz, Jan Lundgren, Vincent Herring, Rich Perry and MarkMurphy.
      More recently they have met in varying musical configurations including Bosse Broberg´s big band creation Nogenja and with Svante Thuresson. On tour with the latter was 28 year-old Fredrik Rundqvist, already well on the way to establishing a name in the jazz world to become the natural choice for
the trio from its inception. In spite of long journeys, the trials of parenthood, age differences and different dialects the trio still finds the place, time and urge to play together.

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