Lars Erstrand
"Swingcerely Yours"

We have been fortunate to work with and record Lars Erstrand since 1979!

The first time was an album featuring jazz violin player, Gunnar Lidberg.
Since then, we have made six albums with Lars Erstrand and where this collection album is the best from his first five Opus 3 albums recorded during 1983 – 1995.

 - ”Two Sides of...” 
 - ”Four Brothers”
 - ”A Tribute to the Benny Goodman Quartet”
 - ”Dream Dancing”
 - ”The Lars Erstrand Sessions”

All of them are remastered directly from the original analogue tape!

Lars Erstrand has many years been ranked as one of the three best vibraphone players in the world! 
In Paris 1976, he actually played with Benny Goodman and with the members of Lars Ertsrand´s ”Benny Goodman band”  -  the same as on ”A Tribute to...”, but of course, without Ove Lind!

On this album, you will find some really great musicians and also some guests from both England and Australia.
Bob Barnard - cornet Danny Moss - tenor sax 
Jan Lundgren - piano Kjell Öhman - piano & Hammond B-3 organ
Knud Jörgensen - piano  Rolf Larsson - piano
Ove Lind - clarinet Roy Williams - trombone

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