Lars Erstrand Quartet
Dream Dancing

After three successful recordings for Opus 3, here he is again, this time with his newly formed quartet! Also featured on this recording is one of Sweden's best keyboard players, Kjell Öhman, playing both the piano and last but not least, the legendary Hammond B3 organ! Lars Erstrand, let it be known, ranks as No.3 in the world in his intstrument according to Jazz Journal International. Leif "Gus" Dahlberg, drums and Tommy Johnson, bass. 

"Erstrand is always unhesitating, fluent playing gives the unfailing impression of a musician in total control He can depict the most ethereal moods, as in the title piece Dream dancing... One is struck, not least by his sense of sound and nuance in this consistently well constructed, subtle performance... An obvious candidate for Recording of the year!" (Audio Video)

PRODUCTION: Opus 3 Records, Järna, Sweden
PRODUCER: Jan-Eric Persson
RECORDED: February 1991
PHOTO: Jan-Eric Persson
ELECTRONIC DESIGN: Kjell Malmberg, AV-Utveckling
RE-MASTERING FOR LP: Erik Nordström & Jan-Eric Persson
DISTRIBUTION: F:a Ljudinspelning/Opus 3 Records
MICROPHONES: AKG C-24 Vacuum tube stereo microphone and Beyerdynamic, double ribbon M-160 (for double bass)
MONITOR SPEAKERS: Totem Acoustics, Mani-2 Signature

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