Eva Taylor
"Live at the Pawnshop"

The scene is Stampen (The Pawnshop), the famous jazz pub in the heart of Stockholm, on a Monday night in March 1976.

Perhaps not the
best day in the week for jazz listening, but the place is crowded. A couple of hundred people squeezed into the small space. Everybody is concentrated on the music and especially on that little lady, whose singing and presence on the stage never fails to keep an audience spellbound.

At the age of 81, Eva is probably a better jazz singer than in the '20s. Her voice is now lower pitched than in her youth, it is still strong and clear, and she swings more than ever before. Like most singers of her generation, she is also a real actress, without the pretentiousness of many “big stars”. She has a great' sense of humour and a refreshingly unsophisticated approach to everything she does.

This recording can of course not give a complete picture of Eva Taylor's artistry, with her dancing on the stage and her communication with the musicians and the audience, but it captures as well as possible the music and the atmosphere on one of her most inspired nights in Stockholm.

We were fortunate in having this great woman with us for a few memorable days.

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