updated  February 2023

For more information on these LP's - please see the
CD version with the same number.

All LP's are pressed in High Quality Vinyl and 180 gram

LP19824 Tiny Island
Double album 45 rpm

LP9101 Lars Erstrand featuring Kjell Öhman "Dream Dancing"

LP26001 B.B.Leon & Triple Treat
"Blues Barn"

LP19402 Kjell Öhman feat. Arne Domnérus
The Hammond B3 Connection

LP 24001 Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists
33 rpm

LP26000 40th Anniversary Celebration Album
Double Album 45 rpm

LP25001 Yamina How Deep Is The Ocean 
33 rpm

LP23001 Bottleneck John - All Around Man
33 rpm

LP2300 Showcase 2013
33 rpm

LP8401 Knud Jörgensen Jazz Trio
33 rpm

LP22111 Eric Bibb "Blues, Ballads and Work Songs"
33 rpm

LP7723 Eric Bibb "Rainbow People"
33 rpm

LP 22060 30th Anniversary Celebration Album
33 rpm 2 x 180gr

LP 22061 East - "Pathfinder" 
33 rpm

LP 22042 Peder af Ugglas "Autumn Shuffle"
33 rpm

LP 20002 Eric Bibb "Just Like Love"
33 rpm

LP 20000 "Showcase"
33 rpm A shorter LP-version of 
Test CD 5/ Showcase

LP 19401 Eric Bibb, "Spirit & The Blues"
Double LP, 45 rpm

LP 19603 Eric Bibb, "Good Stuff"
Double LP, 45rpm

LP 9200 "Testrecord 4"
Same recording as CD19420

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